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March 13, 2012

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We are all just too &^%$ busy. Our brains are overwhelmed. We have too much to do. It’s destroying not just our capacity to thrive, but threatens our survival as well. We are drowning in information, but we are too busy and overwhelmed to get to it, to sort through it and to actually use it to learn how to stop being busy and overwhelmed.

That’s why I am creating T1Ps.

T1P stands for The One Point. It’s all about focus – and learning to thrive – in bite-sized, brain-digestible chunks. Rather than spew a lot of information into the blogosphere and send all the interesting and useful links I find (and I find a lot!) into the twitter-verse, I am taking my own advice. I am going to focus – and provide a way for you to do the same so that you can increase your capacity to thrive (your thrive-agility) in a few minutes each week.

Each week, I am going to send a link to one person’s/group’s work that I find a) fascinating and b) inspiring and c) useful to helping you thrive personally and  professionally.

T1P #1 is the Smart People Podcast at It’s a really cool repository of short interviews (most look to be ~15-20 minutes) with – you guessed it – really smart people. At a quick glance, it’s a treasure chest of practical brilliance. Just a few that will make it to my ipod:

Episode #45 - Brene Brown – whose TED talk, books and example changed my life – on moving past perfectionism.
Episode #43Barry Schwartz – author of The Paradox of Choice – about the downside of so many choices.
Episode #41David McRaney – author of “You Are Not So Smart” – about how little we know about our own minds.
Episode #32 - Seth Godin – author of Linchpin (an invaluable resource for career success in the 21st century).
Episode #29 - Gretchen Rubin – author of The Happiness Project.

There are lots more. I already have subscribed via itunes.

I promise to post one T1P each week. I can’t promise it will always be Tuesday (although I will try…). Each will have “T1P” in the title, and each they will be numbered. If I ever learn to use hashtags, I will create one for this.

I hope you enjoy this T1P. If you do, sign-up for the blog. Share this a friend or two. We can all use a little more focus – and lot more thriving.

Show Up. Be Yourself. Connect. Contribute. Do Work that Matters. Thrive on Purpose. 


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