Thrivagility Rule #4 – Contribute

March 8, 2012

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Use the gifts you have been given to serve others and make dents in the universe for good. Call it duty, or fate or destiny – or just making the world a better place for you having had the privilege of roaming the planet for a brief moment in cosmic time. You are always making a difference – whether you choose to or not. When you choose to make conscious contributions in your time and attention, we all win.

In exchange for the life you have been given, share your gifts and your Genius with others – and allow them to contribute to you. Cultivate connections by giving the gift of yourself. Our individual and collective futures come down to little actions – one after another – by people like you and me. Like a pebble in a pond, event the smallest of actions you take – or don’t take – sends ripples farther and wider than you can even imagine.

Offer what you have in each moment with generous intentions and an open heart. Do it over and over, and trust that it is – and that you are – enough.

The funny thing about contributing is this: when you connect with what matters and discover your Genius, you give more and receive so much more than that. It’s the quirky way the universe works. When you feel empty or hopeless, look at the gifts you have been given, and cultivate gratitude. When you feel exuberant and joyful, cultivate appreciation and give thanks. Then share yourself – your ideas, your voice, your efforts, your time – and most of all, your attention – with others who are waiting to receive your offer.

Your gifts and Genius are not yours to protect – they are yours to share. Generosity feels good. Offer your authenticity, your voice, your vulnerability and your heart-felt efforts. Don’t give till it hurts. Give until your heart is overflowing with joy and fulfillment. And watch what happens.

What will you CONTRIBUTE this week?

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