Genius | Purpose and AspirationsPurpose and Aspirations are the direction in which your passions are drawn and focused. They are the points on the horizon that you move toward, the causes and concepts that draw you to them like magnets. They are the ‘why’ or ‘for sake of what’ that you contribute your efforts and your energy – the dents in the universe you want to make for good.

Purpose and aspirations are bigger than you – a cause, another person, a future outcome, a dream or an ideal – that you work for tirelessly. Some describe it as destiny, reason for being, purpose, or the inner ‘why’ that shapes their life. Purpose and aspirations exist on many levels at the same time, from the reason you are here on the planet to what you aspire to be or do with your minutes, weeks, months and years.

Aspirations aren’t goals, but rather the larger canvas on which goals exist, the bigger ‘why’ that frames your definition of success. Aspirations are long-term outcomes that allow you to stay focused on what matters most – and re-orient and get back on track when you inevitably lose your way. They help you create and sustain a trajectory to move toward something, like a dotted line through space and time that keeps you focused on the future you want to create and experience.

Your Aspirations emerge over time and change as you experience life. They are often crystallized by major life events and natural milestones and passages as we age. Goals are short-term objectives that you set to achieve a particular outcome on the journey and on a particular path.

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