Principles and Values are what you stand for and on, what guides you and steadies you and keeps you on course in everything you do. These are emotional needs – essential elements for the soul and the rules by which you live. They are your foundation, your beliefs about what and how things should be, about right and wrong, good and bad, fair and unfair, acceptable and not acceptable, etc. These are guideposts that mark the bounds of possibilities. They guide ‘how’ you move and how you choose which routes to take – and what you avoid. They are the rules of the road for your journey.

Principles and Values are different from the other elements in that you must meet your needs in this area. Unless you have reached a level of stability, you cannot function effectively. You will struggle to get your needs met, and you will become myopic until you do. Two of the most common instances are:

  • Values violation: When you or someone else has done something ‘wrong’ or ‘unfair’. Emotions: Anger, disappointment, shock, indignation, shame, guilt. Typical action: Right the wrong or remove yourself from the situation.
  • Values conflict: When you are faced with an issue that causes you to make a choice between two deeply held beliefs. Emotions: inner angst, turmoil, overwhelm, frustration. Typical actions: Reduce or relieve the tension by avoiding the issue, complaining, analysis paralysis, acting out – or trying to serve both interests.

You are always making investments with your time, attention, energy and other resources. What you invest in reflects your values in action. When your actions are consistent with your values, when you are with others who share similar values and in environments that allow you to take action for the sake of what you care about in ways that are consistent and in harmony with your values, you thrive

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