Passion is the energy source that powers you to move and take action for the sake of something you care about. Your passions draw you forward – out of your thoughts, ideas and fears – and into the experience of life in the moment. It is the fire in your belly, what electrifies and energizes you, and captures and holds your attention. It is the internal power source that spurs you forward toward your aspirations, goals and dreams, and infuses you with enthusiasm to connect with something outside yourself. It allows you to lose yourself with people, places, ideas, activities and things you love. Your passions are an inexhaustible source of intense curiosity, creativity and interest in and for things that fascinate you. Passion inspires you to take action and move toward your aspirations.

When you combine your Passions and Aptitudes, you are a force to behold. You have limitless energy to learn, and with practice, mastery is within your grasp. If you have a passion for classical music and have an aptitude for playing a particular instrument, you can express your passion by playing music. If you have no aptitude playing an instrument or you struggle to read music, you can still be enlivened and inspired with passion by listening to music.

When channeled toward your aspirations, your passions can power you through barriers and roadblocks and keep you focused. When you aren’t aware of, aren’t connected to or aren’t able to express your passions, burnout and boredom are often the result. You know something is missing, but you may not be able to put your finger on it. Discovering your Passions can be a way to get your spark back

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