I am Angela Stauder – and my mission to help people discover their unique Genius and thrive personally and professionally.

I believe:Angela Stauder

  • Everyone has a Genius – a unique combination of passions, principles and personality attributes that make us who we are.
  • Work and life are not two separate activities.
  • Success is never a solo act.
  • Conscious success is a choice – and a never-ending learning journey.
  • Conscious success is a practice. A practice with a few simple (but not easy) steps:
    1. Show Up
    2. Be Yourself
    3. Connect
    4. Contribute
    5. Do YOUR Work that Matters
    6. Make dents in the universe for good
    7. Repeat

For many years, I worked in human resources and organizational development leadership roles in global corporations. I had the good fortune of working with wonderful people in different industries, countries and cultures across the US and around the world. But I couldn’t ignore a nagging feeling that my work that matters was something else. I decided to follow my heart and blaze my own trail.

I am dedicated to supporting people with a passionate drive to thrive, discover and do their work that matters, and to make more dents in the universe for good.

I support people in learning to:

  • Rediscover and LEAD their Genius
  • Own their brilliance and contribute their gifts
  • Get clear and focus on what matters
  • More consistently align their actions with their aspirations

I am an insatiable learner with a keen interest in finding new ways to help others thrive. I am certified in a wide variety of training and development systems, programs and tools, including Personalysis, Achieve Global, DDI, Lominger, MBTI, and a graduate of the Newfield Network professional coach training program.

To learn more about how you can thrive more, contact me.